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A simple, secure and cost efficient investment platform.

What is the Niche Platform?

The Niche Platform is a simple, secure and cost efficient investment platform designed to enhance your proposition by providing a cost-effective solution, offering a wider choice of investments and automating key processes.

We have partnered with Hubwise Securities, which was developed by a group of highly-experienced financial services industry professionals – including stockbroking and clearing service CEOs, advisers, clearing and settlement system authors, and the COO of a large back-office offering. Hubwise have the distinct advantage of owning their own technology, and as a member of the London Stock Exchange, we own and control execution across multiple asset types.

Collectively, they could see a gap in the platform market for something which did everything advisers want from their system. The Niche Platform’s key features enabling competitive advantage are detailed below.

Key features

Technology Innovation

Our own modern, open software is pivotal to enabling your firm to differentiate itself in the market. We can power a very expansive user journey.

Multi-Asset Execution

As a member of the London Stock Exchange, we own and control execution across multiple asset types.

Investment Operations

We have streamlined and automated transactional processing for greater flexibility and freedom.

Custody & Safeguarding

We are fully regulated to hold, safeguard and control client money through the whole investment process.


The IFA wholly owns and controls the client relationship. All client correspondence is generated in electronic form, fully branded.

Web Technology

IFA-branded, digital portal accessed by the IFA and clients; mobile-friendly and responsive. Campaign Manager to automate model rebalancing/switches and client communications.


Multiple business lines/branches/entities on a single platform; consolidated group view. Configure different branding and ‘buy list’ for each company; users are tied to a company.


The IFA has direct control to fully service every client through the Adviser Portal. The helpdesk is available to contact (phone, email) for any queries.


Multiple product wrappers are available: GIA, ISA, Junior ISA, SIPP, Offshore Bond. Multiple sub-accounts can be opened online within a GIA and ISA.

Investible Assets

Wide range of UK and European third-party funds. Global universe of listed assets (equities, ETFs, ITs) and fractional ETF trading.

Custody and CASS

All client assets (funds, equities, ETFs) registered in a single nominee. Nominee is fully responsible for FCA CASS client money administration and reconciliations.

Buying Power

The platform employs an algorithm to automatically calculate the amount of actual client cash to be reserved to cover future Adviser and Platform fees due.

Niche Managed Portfolio Service

Starting from as little as 0.27% all inclusive, The Niche Managed Portfolio Service is our discretionary investment service and is designed exclusively for the clients of Niche. Our range of investments allows us to spread risk across asset classes while keeping the overall cost of investment as low as possible. The range of portfolio styles and risk-ratings are shown in the following table.

Defensive (3) Cautious (4) Balanced (5) Adventurous (6) Aggressive (7) Global Equity (8)
Niche Managed actively managed funds + active asset allocation
Niche Tracker passively managed funds + active asset allocation
Niche Core 50% active / 50% passive + active asset allocation
Niche Income income / dividend focused funds + active asset allocation
Niche Ethical actively managed funds with an additional layer of negative and positive screening

Pricing Schedule

Domestic Custody & Trading Services

A tiered custody fee is applicable to all holdings as per the structure below. No dealing charges for funds, ETFs, Investment Trusts or Equities and there is a flat £1 settlement fee for all RSP trades. Interest is paid at a blended rate every 6 months and 100% of the interest collected by Niche is paid to the underlying client on a pro rata basis based on the cash held on deposit or cash held in model portfolios.

Custody fees

0.2% on the first £249,999

0.15% on assets between £250k - £499,999

0.1% on assets between £500k - £1 million

0% on assets £1 million +

Custody fee examples

An individual with total assets of £500,000
Custody fee:
£250,000 @ 0.2% + £250,000 @ 0.15%
= £875

A couple with total assets of £1,000,000
Custody fee:
£250,000 @ 0.2% + £250,000@ 0.15% + £500,000 @ 0.1%
= £1,375

Additional annual charges

General investment account





0.15% capped at £60



Offshore bonds (minimum)


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